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Discrete and Continuous Data Types


List of e-Learning modules

Mastering Process Mapping Facilitation


Mastering Types Of Data


Mastering Descriptive Statistics


Mastering The Normal Distribution


Statistics Level 1 Bundle


Process Mapping & Statistics Level 1 Bundle


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The BPI Services mastering series is a set of online learning modules which will allow you to understand the  “How” — as well as the “What” and “Why”  of Business Performance Improvement.

These online modules allow you to learn these techniques for yourself, at your own pace. Their function is to impart knowledge achieved by business performance experts who have utilised these techniques in a myriad of different sectors and provide you with this expertise so you are empowered, comfortable and confident to deliver the learning’s yourself. Build your knowledge base, increase your employability and chances of promotion by learning key tools which will enable you to progress your career and open up new avenues which would otherwise not be possible.

Take the opportunity and enjoy the challenge.

Data is everywhere. We live in an increasingly data driven world, and across the globe businesses are actively seeking out experts in Statistics and Data Analysis.

Proof that these skills are in demand and highly valued is provided by LinkedIn.
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According to LinkedIn Statistical Analysis and Data Mining are consistently in the top two of employers most sought after skills.

2014: Statistical analysis and data mining is 1st

2015: Statistical analysis and data mining is 2nd

2016: Statistical analysis and data mining is 2nd

Master Descriptive Statistics, Types of Data and Normal Distribution here in your own time and at your own pace.