Foundation of Data Analysis: Mastering Types of Data

72 Hour Statistics E-learning Free Trial Mastering Types of Data

This module is the foundation of progressing your knowledge in conducting Data Analysis.

First of All the key aims include clearly defining the differences between:

  • defective and defects
  • nominal
  • ordinal
  • ratio
  • interval

Furthermore, Mastering Types of Data will give you practical and simple examples of each of these categories.

Therefore this 72 Hour Statistics E-Learning Free Trial of Mastering Types of Data covers all the following topics in detail:

  • Understand what is data and in addition data classifications
  • Distinguish between Discrete and also Continuous Data
  • Understand the difference between defects and defectives
  • Also Recognise different levels of measurement
  • Appreciate the impact of data types
  • Understand Nominal, Ordinal, Interval & Ratio
  • Furthermore For each data type comprehend what it is, and therefore instill the learnings
  • Scenario example to fully impart the learning on a practical example

Especially relevant, this 72 Hour Statistics E-Learning Free Trial also contains an unparalleled Workshop Tool Kit which is essential for any learner which includes:

  • Nominal data types of analysis in excel-actual example used in the e-learning module so as a result you can replicate the module
  • Ordinal data types of analysis Soft Copy
  • Excel interval data types of analysis
  • Soft copy ratio data types of analysis
  • A print and keep “at a glance” guide to levels of measurement
  • Especially relevant the data behind all scenarios presented in the module for you to work along with
  • Probably most noteworthy, All files in PDF format

Therefore, In Conclusion this free 72 hour trial is a must have!


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